Illustrative rent increase calculator

Calculator to help landlords and tenants understand what rent may be set at if a rent adjudication application is made, based on the proposed changes from 1 April.Link opens new browser window

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Enter the current monthly rent for the let property.

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Enter the proposed new monthly rent.

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Enter what monthly rent you believe could be charged if the property was advertised on the open market. If you are unsure of what the open market rent might be, you could compare to similar properties listed by letting agents.

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Potential allowable rent:


Based on the information you have provided, a calculation has been made to illustrate how rent adjudication (if modified) could apply to your increase. This figure is based on the difference between the current rent and the open market rent, and illustrates the maximum rent that could be charged in this scenario.

Please note that the figures produced by the calculator are for illustrative purposes only.

You can only receive a formal rent adjudication decision by applying to Rent Service Scotland (or the First-tier Tribunal, where appropriate) and the decision may be different to the figures produced by the calculator. It is important to note that they cannot set the rent higher than that requested by the landlord.

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